5th Annual Paramedic Soirée

November 9th 


Come join the Magic Valley Paramedics in an evening of dinner and dancing. There will be door prizes, raffles and entertainment. Tickets are on sale NOW for $30/person and can be purchased using the form below, or from any MVP employee, or call 208-604-4660

Tickets will be $30 at the door (If there are any left)

So get your tickets now!!!

VIP Tables are sold for $400 and include

some raffle tickets and extra gifts.

We are no longer selling tickets on line

You may Contact Chad Smith for tickets


This Years Charity 

Children With Special Needs


In 2006, the “Children with Special Needs” fund was established to help support the families in the Magic Valley who have children with physical and/or mental disabilities.  Without help from this fund, some children would go without much needed therapy due to financial burdens and hardships.  Funding from generous and caring supporters helps provide support for these kids in need.

This fund was established to provide financial support for therapy, special equipment, specialized car seats, travel assistance, family counseling, or respite care for disabled children (ages 0-18 years of age) with specific needs who are not eligible for funding by insurance or other medical assistance.

Over the last few years, more than 400 children have received help.  Many of these grants paid for speech therapy, social skills, occupational and physical therapy, learning and communication technologies, orthotics, and physical corrective equipment.  Over the last four years, we have awarded over $162,000 to children with special needs in the Magic Valley!!!  But it is still not enough.


The applications for funding outnumber the amount of donations available to help. The Magic Valley Health Foundation has committed to raising $500,000.  $100,000 of this will be placed in an endowment to help future generations.

Your investment will help support the children in the Magic Valley!

Restrictions: This fund does not provide payment for deductibles or co-pays when insurance coverage is available.  Awards are limited to $1,000 per child per year. Applicants must be recommended by a medical provider, physician, or clinician.

The Challenge

Insurance and Medicaid do not pay for things that could add value to a child’s life.

Beckham, Age 9

Beckham has some difficulties. 


Beckham had oxygen deprivation at birth which left him with severe brain damage. He has frequent seizures, often during the night. He cannot speak and only knows a few sign and gestures. Beckham has developed only about 11 months of his 9 years. His understanding is that of a 1 year old and as such, faces a lot of dangers. He doesn’t understand how running can be dangerous. He doesn’t have an awareness of cars on the road, water dangers, or everyday hazards. He has anxiety about going out into the community.

Through funding from the Magic Valley Health Foundation, Beckham will soon have a service dog, highly trained to the dangers Beckham faces. The dog will also sense when Beckham is going to have a seizure and will alert the family. 


This funding will help bring a little peace of mind to Beckham’s family.

Emmie, Age 2

Emmie was born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).


She suffered from a lack of oxygen before she was born which damaged over 80 percent of her brain, and as a result, she faces numerous issues every day.

The family is optimistic as she continues to grow, but it is difficult to comprehend what her life will be like.

This Upsee (pictured here), allows Emmie to be strapped to an adult and “walk” with their support. While supported by her father’s legs, Emmie was able to play soccer with her grandfather, giggling the entire time. Indeed, if you simply say the word “Upsee”, Emmie starts smiling.

The Magic Valley Health Foundation proudly supported Emmie with the purchase of the Upsee.

Ian, Age 8

Ian was born with a cleft lip and palate.  The opening in his lip and roof of his mouth made sucking nearly impossible.  He underwent two surgeries before he was a year old. He had three sets of tubes in his ears and had his adenoids and tonsils removed by the age of six. He has many more surgeries ahead of him.


Ian’s family is a hardworking family who do have health insurance. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover all the costs of surgeries for a cleft palate because they are often considered cosmetic by many insurance carriers. Their insurance also doesn’t cover speech therapy.


The Magic Valley Health Foundation has been proud to help support Ian by providing grants to help cover some of the cost of speech therapy.  


Your support can help children like Beckham, Emmie, and Ian. You can help provide children in need, with therapy or equipment that would bring about a higher quality of life to a child.   

Parents and guardians of children with special needs don’t always have the support or funding they need to care for this vulnerable population.  Insurance and/or Medicaid don’t always cover the costs involved. The children in our communities need our help.