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Magic Valley Paramedics 

Special Operations Reach and Treat.  


(SORT) responds to low and high-angle rescues in Twin Falls County, and the surrounding Counties of the Magic Valley.  Formed in 1996, the team currently operates with ten members, who are able to quickly and safely provide emergency medical care, medical stabilization and pain control to accident victims who may be trapped in situations and places that are not accessible by normal methods.    


In addition to their medical training, each member of the team is trained and certified in technical rescue. Each member is certified at or above the Advanced Technician Level and operates within NFPA Standards 1006 and 1670.  This training is comprised of over 60 hours of initial Rope Rescue Training followed by multiple specialty course, and annual training requirements for proficiency maintenance.  Each member of the team trains monthly, and a minimum of 48 hours annually.  


The SORT team trains with and works in cooperation with Twin Falls County Search and Rescue andTwin Falls Fire Department.  We also work in cooperation with Jerome County Search and Rescue and other county agencies and Fire Departments that are responsible for their particular jurisdictions.  


The SORT Team is supplied with a specially outfitted four-wheel drive vehicle.  The SORT team arrives at the scene equipped with all of the hardware, software and specialized equipment necessary to gain access to the patient to provide them with the medical attention that is needed. SORT also utilizes and works very closely with Air St. Luke's to provide very quick emergency services to remote locations that would normally take hours to get a provider to. 

Our goal is not only immediate rescue, but to provide advanced level life support and Critical Care level life support to the PT as soon as possible wherever they may be.  SORT has truly saved many patients because of the immediate life saving care we provide while over the edge. 

Magic Valley Paramedics SORT

SORT Rescues

SORT Rescues

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The Team

Chad Smith


Chad Smith is our team leader.

He is responsible for for bringing the team to new heights.

Chad smith is one of the best over the edge guys we know. If you need someone to get to the PT fast and start working, Chad Smith is the man for the job.


Chad is one our Rope Tech Instructors and the lead contact for anyone interested in rope training. 

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